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Host Your Dinner Parties at Our Restaurant

Planning to catch up with old friends and colleagues over the weekend and don't have a venue in sight? That shouldn't be a problem at all! Count on Las Gorditas Mexican Food in Flagstaff, AZ, to be your saving grace. You can host your events and dinner parties at our restaurant hassle-free. Talk to us with your preferences, and we'll take it from there.

We'll set the scene for your event

Take a break and let us do the groundwork to set things in place for your next event coming up. Not only can you avoid the prep work, but you can count on us to handle the cleanup duties eventually.

Choose your menu

If you have a specific menu in mind, share it with us. Our professional team of chefs will be glad to put together a gastronomical delight to tease your palate. Give your guests the experience of a lifetime by playing the perfect host.

Browse through our specialties to zone-in on eats that are sure to trigger your taste buds to the core. Bite into a generous serving of huevos rancheros or chorizo and eggs, and don't forget to ask us for more.


Get in touch with us for a complete list of menu items to suit your occasion.

If you need us to close down the entire restaurant to host a private function, call us now for details.


Venue to fit any occasion

Whether you need to host a baby shower, banquet, dinner party, community event, business meetings - we can help. Organize your private functions at our restaurant without any hiccups. Call us today to book our restaurant for your event.